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Knee Arthritis: Facts & Prevention

Knee arthritis is a relatively common condition. The knee joint consists of 4 different bones, which are connected by cartilage and ligaments. When these structures begin to deteriorate, they can cause pain in the knee region. This article discusses the basics about what causes this type of arthritis, how it affects people, and what you can do to prevent it from occurring in your own life! Fanwood, NJ information can be seen at this link.

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Knee arthritis is a common issue among the elderly population, with over 20 million people experiencing it every year in America alone. The main symptom of this condition is swelling around one’s knees which increases over time as the disease worsens. A person may also experience pain or stiffness when trying to move their knee joint, but these are not necessary for diagnosis from your doctor. There are four different types of knee arthritis: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gouty attacks, and septic bursitis. To avoid all forms of this ailment, you should maintain an active lifestyle that focuses on healthful eating habits while staying fit physically at least three times per week. To prevent it from worsening, you should also try to work with your doctor on a treatment plan to reduce pain and swelling while allowing for normal movement. Also, make sure to avoid putting any weight on your knees if they hurt. Click here to read about Knee Arthritis: Prevention, Causes, and Symptoms.

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