Sports Physicals


In our experience, one opportunity for improvement in sports medicine is in the preparticipation physical exam (PPE).  Typically the PPE is an administrative burden, rushing to get  paperwork filled out for the school so that the student can participate in school sponsored sports.  The physical itself is a baseline, superficial exam to screen out minimum health requirements for participation in sports. The PPE fails to consider the “athlete” and how they move. There is an opportunity in this setting to do more!


What sets us apart from your ordinary physical is that we will be including an Injury Prevention Screen. 

  • The screen is performed by an expert in movement assessment.  

  • We can identify limitations in strength and/or mobility that may predispose an athlete to injury or poor performance.  

  • The assessment is considered in the context of the individual athlete and the sport he/she plays.

  • We can design a corrective exercise program to enhance performance and avoid injuries during the season, giving them their best opportunity to succeed.

  • As a multidisciplinary practice we have the unique capability to perform these physicals efficiently.


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